Volunteer and digital nomads (Watch video)

Nune Harutyunan from Armenia tells the story of how her Erasmus voluntary experienced completely changed the way of thinking about her future.

Nune did 3 months of volunteering in Sende and for her was mind-blowing the idea of digital nomads, people who are working while traveling the world. 

“I thought that only way was to finish school, then University and then you get your 9 to 5 job and the life ends there. Now I know that there is more.”

After her volunteering experience in Sende, Nune returned to Armenia, and instead of looking for a regular job, Nune is starting her social business while at the same time applying for international master scholarships. 

We believe that volunteering is the best hands-on experience in order to discover yourself.

In the case of Nune, she discovered about totally new existing world of digital nomads, of people who travel the world while making their salary online.

Digital nomads are often role models for many Erasmus+ volunteers who are used to travel on training courses and youth exchanges. Because of this, many Erasmus+ (or similar) volunteers are having hard time returning to their reality in their towns while working from 9 to 5 in the office.

That’s why digital nomad’s lifestyle looks like a desire choice for many.

One of the aims of Sende is to educate young people to start their own small business which will create employment that can be done online.