This booklet covers the first phase of the project, with a total duration of two years.

ABOUT the booklet

In this first phase, the main objective was to collect as much information
as possible from our target groups (young people, volunteers and youth workers) in order to understand their needs and how volunteering is seen and perceived in partner countries.

To have a successful mapping of needs, we combine different methodologies. In order to have a clear idea of how volunteering is regulated, each partner has created a desk research, analysing the legal and institutional framework on the issue in question.

Subsequently, 20 focus groups were realized (4 for each country). Simultaneously  video interviews were conducted in each country. The interviewees, mostly former volunteers in the same organizations,
told their story, highlighting the positive effects of volunteering and how this experience has enriched their lives.

The focus group and interviews gave us the information needed to
create a questionnaire that has been spread for 6 months, reaching
186 people.


Kick-off meeting

The Kick-off Meeting was held in Thessaloniki in March 2019 and has officially started the project! We’ve meet in ten-person group, two representaties by each partner organisation. We made some preparations and first decisions about our future coopration.

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