Why is it worth looking for future employees among young people?

The reflection on the subject of studies is more and more often raised among young people – attend, do a gap year or maybe start working immediately? Is it worth studying at all? The conviction is that lecturers often remain only in theory, while practical issues are often overlooked. It is not surprising then that more ambitious students want to start gaining experience in the profession as soon as possible in order to be ready to meet the expectations of the market. Therefore, they are looking for help on internships, which are an ideal opportunity for company representatives to “raise” future employees.

Each company will need new employees at a certain stage of development in order to be able to meet the increasing and bolder expectations of customers. HR employees often look around for professionals in their field, wanting to get them under their roof so that they can do their job right away. However, the truth is that only few professionals with several years of experience are looking for a job. Most of them have been already employed; They have been working for several years in a company to which they are attached and for whom they like to work.

Young people, on the other hand, are just taking their first steps on the career path, looking for their place in the world, and in a few years, after completing their studies with a head full of knowledge, will look for places to start using it in practice.

What distinguishes the current youth is access to the Internet, which they had practically from birth. We often think of students as people with little-developed practical skills. However, surrounded by free knowledge from every possible side, they can communicate in foreign languages ​​- especially in English – much better and smoother than some people in the industry for several years. Often they have a well-mastered basic of using computer programs, data analysis, contact with people, they are perceptive, they cope well with multitasking, have open heads full of creative ideas. It is young people who know best about the expectations of young consumers who are often the target group of many companies. They know what attracts their peers’ attention and how to reach them and listen to them. In the rapidly changing world, when the data is updated every now and then, they have the latest knowledge, while older employees who graduated more than ten or several decades ago, know techniques for dealing with problems or have knowledge that is often out of date.

They have an open head, they absorb information and knowledge faster. They acquire skills much more easily and easily. And what is important – they are well aware of market requirements and their own position on the professional path.

Therefore, internships and apprenticeships are an ideal opportunity for both students and companies. The company organizing internships and adopting a student for a period of several months, can invest in the first few weeks to introduce a student to work, teach him the skills needed to perform tasks, convert knowledge acquired during studies into its practical application and implementation of the trainee in the company.
People of this age are incredibly fast attaching to and appreciating the help that is given to them. They repay their commitment and willingness to work. They want to get the most out of the apprenticeship, so after a month of “introducing the company,” they work quickly
and effectively, they are often able to significantly help in everyday duties and development.
And in a few years (and maybe even immediately after completed internships), when the company will need an employee permanently, recruitment processes will prove to be much simpler or maybe even unnecessary, because young people – they were apprentices who know exactly the rules prevailing in the company, even better developed skills – knock on the door, willing to support the company for longer with their energy, commitment and dedication to work.