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“Don`t be afraid of trying something you don’t know anything about, challenge yourself and enjoy every single moment of the experience.”

We want to share the story and experiences of Giorgia, Basma and Eleonora, who are volunteering at Merseyside Expanding  Horizons. The association offers opportunities to people from different background and origin to get valuable working experiences abroad, by sending and hosting volunteers and interns.  From the left Giorgia, a girl of 24 years old who studies […]

How can volunteering improve our lives and empower us?

After three months in Hungaria, Esdra, a volunteer from Palermo, Italy, tells her story of self-awareness, growth and achievement of new competences thanks to the European Solidarity Corps, an amazing experience “out of her comfort zone”. Esdra has taken part in an ESC project getting in contact with Per Esempio Onlus, an association implementing international […]